Events are complicated beasts

The event distribution website for Brown University is has been live for awhile now. Although it looks rather simple, the back end is quite robust (plus since it’s summer, there are no events. I posted this a little too late, oops!).  continue ...

Development Environment for Drupal

There are virtually an unlimited amount of ways to set up a development environment, and it all depends upon your project’s individual needs and your preferred workflow. Sometimes, though, it just takes experience and exposure to other ideas to figure out what would be best. So, here is a description of my development environment.  continue ...

'Today at Brown' and 'Media Relations' websites released for Brown University

The websites Today at Brown and Media Relations, developed in Drupal, have been released and live for a few months now. Media Relations was released at the beginning of this last semester, while Today at Brown was released within the past month.  continue ...

Development to Production: A Database Merge Script

Migrating changes from development to production is particularly tricky in Drupal due to a large amount of configuration settings being stored within the database. Attendees of Drupalcon 2008 made it clear that this is a particularly annoying problem.  continue ...

How to make mass changes to nodes in Drupal

Recently, I had to make mass changes to nodes while adding a new feature to a live website.

In one case, I wanted to add a date field to a content type with hundreds of existing nodes. For the sake of simplicity, best date that could be used for this field was the created date of the node. With that information, I was able to write the following script to replace any empty date fields with the created date.  continue ...

Drupal 6 Released

Drupal 6 has finally been released, with a whole slew of great new features. It’s great to see how the community can come together to refine and perfect all the details of the system.

I am especially eager to utilize:  continue ...

Drupalcon 2008 is Coming to Boston!

I have to say that I am very excited that Drupalcon is coming to my area this time. Not only that, but I’m being sent to go for work!

I will be attending with the Harvard News Office’s webmasters. Additionally, a coworker and I will be scoping out any possible new hires. We’ll also connect with developers for event content distribution and iCal users and see how our FuseCal can work for content distributors.

Drupal Fundamentals

What the hell is this Drupal thing anyway?

Drupal is a content management system, and it manages content, of course. But what does that actually mean? How does Drupal manage content? What are its basic building blocks to achieve this goal?

I had to introduce Drupal to a couple of webmasters who had never worked with it before. They had researched it themselves, and another Drupaler had tried to explain it to them as well. Even so, they still did not understand what it was about.  continue ...

My Drupal Development Experience

Besides a handful of small sites, all sites I have been developing have been utilizing Drupal. Yes, of course, this site, too.

I started experimenting with content management systems in the beginning of 2003. Although I never developed a Drupal site initially, I kept going back to it to see if I could wrangle with it better. Back in the days of v4.3, Drupal was very difficult to work with. But, I kept going back again and again to see if I could mold Drupal into the site I envisioned.  continue ...



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