Blogs for September, 2008

A newbie's guide to contributed Drupal modules

Back in the day (only 18 months ago in fact), whenever I started a new Drupal project I would read through the entire modules list and download each module I thought could be useful for the website I was developing. Once the contributed modules grew to such an extent that it would take me half a day to read through the entire list, my method to become acquainted with the current state of modules became prohibitive.  continue ...

dbscripts v1.0 released

I finally decided that what I’ve been developing in the dbscripts module is stable and decent enough to deserve an official 1.0 release. I’ve written up the problem I was trying to solve with these scripts in another blog post.

So what are some improvements I’ve done since I first released it? Besides refactoring and cleaning up the code, I have added:  continue ...

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