How I rebuilt my website on Drupal 7

I built my last website when Drupal 5 was still considered hot stuff and Drupal 6 was a mere dream – in other words, a long time ago. It did me very well, but I let it languish and age until it was unreasonable to work with any longer. This primarily occurred because I had not built it sustainably and it was much too cumbersome to make modifications. This time around I vowed to build in a sustainable fashion that would leave room for growth.

I am going to outline just how I did that! This post goes over my planning, how I broke up the functionality into discrete feature modules, and show you the code.

Building a Product on top of Drupal

For the past year, all of my Drupal work has been devoted to building a product on top of Drupal. In the beginning of the year, I worked with the Science Collaboration Framework to create PD Online. For the past 7 months, I have been with   continue ...

Structured Array of all US Universities and Colleges

While working on a project, I came to the conclusion that I needed to have an array of all colleges and universities within the United States. I searched around and came across this website which contained only an unordered list of universities in an HTML page. I extracted all of the information and generated an array with the university’s domain name as the key.

Of course after I completed this, I realized I didn’t need it. D’oh!  continue ...

Tales from a web developer

I do web development locally. I have a rather powerful computer, dual core 2.5Ghz processor and 4GB of RAM. The problem is… my computer is a laptop. As such, it can suffer from overheating problems.

Last night, I decided I wanted to test to ensure a mass user mail feature worked as expected. The following exchange occurred on IRC:  continue ...


Excited about Design 4 Drupal Boston

Since I live in New England, and I adore any Drupal social events, I am of course attending Design 4 Drupal this June! I’m excited to have another large event to meet up with and talk with other Drupal enthusiasts.  continue ...

Get the Drupalcon Schedule in your Google Calendar or iCal

I’ve put the entire Drupalcon Schedule into a Google Calendar. This allows you to access it on your smart phone or any other internet-enabled device. I am also putting in social events, with links and addresses (which can automatically be linked to a map). If there are any changes to the schedule, I will be able to make the update through my phone as soon as I hear about it.  continue ...


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